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There are no "bad" floats.

The other night a client came out of his 3rd session just a bit earlier than usual. I ask him how his float went. He says to me "That time was different." When I asked him what he meant, he says something along the lines of "Well, my first float was good, my second float was amazing - but this float… It was hard to let go. Hard to settle in. I ended up getting out a little early."

He seemed a bit disappointed - but I assured him what he experienced is completely normal.

There is no predictable, infinite ascension when it comes to floating. Every single session will be different - you'll have good floats, amazing floats - and just okay floats. Some days you'll vanish quickly into nothingness, other days you'll struggle to let go.

It's a lot like a sport. The more you practice, the better you will get - but you'll still have a range of experiences every single time you play a game. Some games you will be totally on it. You'll hit your stride immediately and dive headfirst into The Flow state. You become part of the game, you're on autopilot. There is no overthinking - the correct actions simply flow through you.

Some games will be "just" okay. A respectable performance, still enjoyable, but nothing spectacular.

And then you'll have games where your head just isn't in it. You might feel agitated, you might not be able to focus. Things are just "off". For what is perhaps a myriad of reasons, you're just unable to get into the zone.

But ALL of these variations come together over time, average out and ultimately benefit you.

Each experience is still a step that furthers you towards your goal, even though some steps are larger than others. They all deepen your experience and help you grow. Your strength still improves, your health still improves and your mindset still improves. Even the "bad" floats are never really bad. They still act as a stepping stone and contribute towards your well-being. This is really what it is all about.

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