It's Not Just About Recovery: Floating for Athletes

We have clients that are runners, professional MMA fighters, Crossfitters, yoga instructors, weightlifters, horseback riders - you name it. The vast majority of our athlete clientele make a point to schedule a session for AFTER a strenuous workout or competition. There is no denying that floating speeds up recovery time in a number of different ways. From the reduction of stress hormones and lactic acid build-up, to the lowering of blood pressure and the release of endorphins. From the relief the zero gravity environment provides to the nervous system, joints and muscles, to the anti-inflammatory properties of the magnesium rich Epsom salt solution. The benefits of floating post-workout are

Floating Through Pregnancy: High Blood Pressure

“Okay, here she comes with the cuff. Slow, deep breaths. Relax. Think calming thoughts… Dammit... I can feel my heartbeat inside my ears. That’s bad, right? I think I’m still winded from walking up all those steps. WHY do they do the exams on the second floor??? Just be calm. Relax. She’s getting the other cuff - that buys me another couple minutes. Come on 120s!” This was the drill at every single prenatal visit towards the end of the pregnancy with my first child. I crossed my fingers and prayed that my blood pressure hadn’t moved too far into the danger zone, thus ruining my chances of having the home birth I’d been planning for. My first pregnancy, I ate well and I exercised pretty relig

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