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Float Center Consulting Services

We want to help others reach their goal of opening a high-quality center. Once you're ready to take your vision to the next level, consider utilizing our professional consulting services.


Ryan has 20+ years of plumbing experience and he specialized in new constructions throughout most of that time. His role as general contractor for our own facility makes him uniquely qualified when it comes to consulting for other centers. 


Talia has worked as a freelance photographer and graphic designer since 2002. She spent several years in a corporate marketing consultant role. She can help you with your logo, branding, website design and can also give advice on social media/general marketing. 


We offer consultations on the following topics: 


  • Location selection

  • Lease/purchase negotiation

  • Facility layout

  • Construction cost estimates

  • Material selection/interior finish

  • Soundproofing

  • Finalization of startup costs

  • Monthly budget/overhead costs

  • Float tank selection and maintenance

  • Website design

  • Company branding and logo design

  • General marketing

  • Social Media Presence


Send a message and tell us what you need. We'll put together a consulting package tailored to your specific goals and budget. 

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