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"I am hooked! I am very and I mean very claustrophobic and was very worried I wouldn't be able stay in the tank but it didn't bother me one bit. I got right in and shut the door and didn't think another thing about being enclosed. It is so peaceful and I fell asleep through part of it. Before I left I made another appointment. I highly recommend Fadeaway Floatation best time and money I have ever spent!" -C.Salyers



"After 3 floats I thought the biggest thing I got out of it was appreciation for the absence of time (which is a pretty amazing thing). Until last week when I had to go in for an MRI. Although I've had more than I can count and am not bothered by them I found myself able to put myself in a place where time and distractions did not exist. I was relaxed and actually was picturing myself in the tank. It was a pretty great feeling and at the end of the procedure I felt mentally clear and physically relaxed. Definitely looking forward to more floats!" -J.Taylor



"Fadeaway Floatation is a very clean and welcoming facility. I'm shocked at how therapeutic my experience was, I loved it. Never in my life have I felt more relaxed or energized." -B.Gomez



"I have tried everything for chronic pain, anxiety, and other issues, and just experienced my first session of floating. I cannot wait to see how the next session goes, as I can honestly say that I physically felt noticeably better after the one 90 minute float, than when I walked into the building! I anticipate an annual membership coming in my future!" -H.Boston



"I floated for the first time tonight and am shocked at how much I enjoyed it. I have been terrified of water since I was a kid and wasn't sure how well I would handle a float, but I was reassured that there was no way I would sink in the tank, so I decided to give it a shot. As soon as I was in the water and felt how effortlessly weightless I was, a feeling of deep relief and relaxation washed over me. I was able to relax in a way I've never felt before and look forward to my next float and hopefully an even deeper sense of relaxation." -E.Marty



"First float today courtesy of a birthday present from my husband! I consider myself to be claustrophobic so I was nervous about floating. Once I got in the tank I felt at ease right away. There is plenty of room and it is easy to open the door if you need to exit. It was super relaxing! I hope to float again soon." -A.Benedict



"If I could I would give you all 10 stars! My experience was down right Ah-mazing! I wanted to go into floating with a clear mind but thanks to all the daily stresses they followed me right into my tank! I was also a little hesitant because of my claustrophobia. As soon as I was able to get into the tank and talked myself into closing the door I was floating and quickly falling into my zen. My experience was a one of a kind because of what I am going through but I am now able to walk all day w/out tension and I was able to sleep all threw the night w/out waking. I'm so excited to try this again. I have been telling all my clients/guests my newly found love for floating! Thank you for bringing this to the area :-)" -A.Ruley



"Absolutely love it I'm totally hooked best therapy has helped me with anxiety and panic attacks also my joints feel great." -M.Rivera



"I had my first experience in May. Absolutely amazing. It was so relaxing and really connected me to a part of myself I had lost. I can't wait to do it again this weekend." -S.Loudenback



"A year ago next month I sprained my ankle while working out. After I babied it for 6 weeks it still wasn't better. Eventually I developed what I think was tendonitis. I went to four different doctors, acupuncture, a chiropractor, and physical therapy. I tried wearing all sorts of braces and nothing worked. After finally floating for my second time, I realized my foot no longer hurt! I highly recommend the float center for not only relaxation and disconnecting, but for any ailments you may have!" -M.Johnson



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