So You Hated Your Float

July 9, 2017


Two people come in for their first float. 


Person #1 leaves their 90 minute session on Cloud 9. They had a phenomenal, perhaps even life-changing experience. 


Person #2 gets out 45 minutes early. They say floating "just isn't for them." 


What gives? 


Floating isn't like other wellness services, where the experience can vary based on a myriad of factors such as the environment, practitioner demeanor and technique. 


Float tanks don't DO anything. The float tank user doesn't do anything. You get in, lie down and relax. The tank is a controlled, consistent, neutral environment in which you simply exist for 60 or 90 minutes. The tank frees you from all external stressors. No gravity, no pressure, no distractions. There is no other experience quite like it. 


Online you'll find hundreds of testimonials: 


"This is life changing." 

"My pain vanished." 

"I felt immense joy." 


"I got bored." 

"I was anxious." 

"I was scared." 


You enter the tank, you lie back and you float. How can something so benign elicit such a wide range of responses out of people? 


It's almost as if each experience is as unique as the person participating in it. 

Herein lies the hard truth. YOU, the user, create the entire float experience. From beginning to end. The good and the bad. You are the variable. Let me reiterate, barring any physical/technical issues, YOU are 100% responsible for the experience you have inside the float tank. 

Did being in your own company for an hour make you feel anxious? Did you yearn for your distractions of choice?


Did your mind turn on itself?


Even if you know beyond a doubt you will never set foot inside a float tank again - it is important to ask yourself why the experience affected you in a negative way. You might learn something extremely valuable. 

Set your ego aside. Look at the situation objectively and be truthful. Do this, and perhaps you will experience something profound as a result of that "bad" float after all. 







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