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A story not so different from yours.


Talia has many different interests. As a child she dreamt of being a paleontologist, archeologist, and perhaps even a marine biologist. Later on she thought perhaps she'd be a veterinarian, or maybe even a famous artist.


Ryan's life has always revolved around music. He started playing drums at an early age and picked up the guitar later on. He has a great love for creating music.

He has been in and out of the local music scene for many years, and often pictured himself living the busy and exciting life of a career musician.


Adulthood arrived. With that came living expenses. Then mortgages, cars, responsibilities, debt.


The jobs that had once been seen as temporary stepping stones became a "just comfortable enough" way of life. After all, we needed the benefits.


Then, SHE was born.


Then, everything changed. Priorities shifted.


Self-examination intensified.


She was perfection in human form. A blank slate. We were charged with the simple yet terrifying responsibility of not ruining her.


We quickly learned the truth to the old adage, children learn what they see, not what they are told. Our living mirror has shown us many things about ourselves in her short time on this earth. SHE is already a sum greater than her parts. She is a gift and we strive to prove ourselves worthy of her.


Every parent hopes their child will develop the confidence needed in order to build an extraordinary and deeply fulfilled life for themselves. We can try to tell them how we "think" this should be done, or we can throw our excuses aside and show them.


So here we are, chasing a dream. Taking one step at a time towards something better than ordinary. Heeding the call to improve the lives of others. Working to convince people that their physical and mental well-being is a worthy investment. We hope to change lives for the better while creating something exciting and beautiful to call our own. We want to be true to our deepest aspirations all while setting a worthy example for our daughter.


Please join us in our quest for a remarkable life. The kind of life that moves far beyond "just comfortable enough."

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